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File extension FAX is commonly seen on image files created by fax software. FAX files are accessible on various platforms where fax software or image authoring applications are installed. In particular, applications are designed to run on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Fax, also referred as facsimile, duplicates the content and format of the original documents. Fax documents are widely used in businesses that need immediate attention. Instead of waiting for days with snail mail process, fax documents can reach another party within minutes of processing. Conventional fax services include a machine, phone line, and the documents to be copied.

The development of the Internet and the advantages of applications relying on its enhancements came along with it. Today, companies and households can now received fax messages without the need of any fax machines, phone lines or additional software. Internet fax providers cater these requirements by sending fax messages to a client as attachments to an email. These attachments will have the *.FAX extension which is viewable on most imaging applications.

FAX documents are readable by most image editing software that can handle TIFF or PDF extensions. These are the closest files associated with fax documents and are often the format used when sending fax documents as email attachments. Several companies offering Internet fax services automatically set the scanned documents extension to File extension TIFF or File extension PDF for portability when sending the file.

There are plenty of fax software available online and can be downloaded to a host computer. RKS Fax and MightyFax are two examples of these applications designed to work on Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. Faxstf X, Cocoa eFax, FaxElite Solo X 6.5, FaxElite Network X 6.5, 4-Sight Fax 5.0.4 are among the fax applications designed to work on Mac computers. Fax applications for Mac are difficult to find as compare to Windows were there is an abundant support for it.

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